About Us

About Us

BGT Hungaria Environmental Technology, Ltd. was founded in 1992 as a 100 % subsidiary of an environmental consulting company with head office in Stuttgart, Germany. Today, as part of RSK, an internationally operating consultant group, BGT Hungaria provides high quality services in the field of environmental consulting and remediation technology.

Services of BGT Hungaria include environmental auditing, impact assessment, site investigation, risk assessment, Risk Based Corrective Action design, environmental consulting and remediation of contaminated sites. BGT Hungaria can refer to hundreds of successful projects, performed in the past years in Hungary.

Multinational industrial companies, like US based manufacturers, GE, GM-Opel, Delphi, Carl Zeiss, Shell, MOL (the Hungarian national oil company), TVK (a major petrochemical company), as well as upstream and downstream divisions of international oil companies are amongst our major Clients. As a new set of services, we offer Environmental Liability Management and Quantitative Risk Assessment services to rank priorities, define targets and cut unnecessary costs. We have real life experience in developing risk-based action plans and programs what we call a Road Map to Environmental Compliance. Setting up such programs require high level proficiency in environmental consulting, experience in dealing with local authorities and background in Environmental Law.

BGT Hungaria Environmental Technology Ltd. is pleased to submit this Company Profile and Experience Package containing information on capabilities, services, representative projects and personnel of BGT Hungaria. We welcome any questions and will be happy to provide additional information on request.

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Scope of Services

Scope of Services

Equipped with Skills and Experience

As a typical feature, besides being a Hungarian consultancy with local staff, BGT Hungaria has over twenty years of professional experience in providing environmental services for multinational investors.  

Based on the type of the project, the services of BGT Hungaria cover a wide range of environmental consulting activities. We are experienced in Environmental Auditing, the investigation related to industrial property evaluation in transfers or privatization.  Environmental Impact Assessment is also part of the services.

Our Environmental Site Investigation activities cover the full range of field and laboratory investigations. Drilling, sampling, chemical analysis and hydrogeological testing are to determine the presence (or absence), the horizontal and vertical extent and chemical character of any contaminants in the environment. BGT Hungaria is equipped with the right instrumentation and standard procedures to perform efficient field work.

Environmental liability and therefore the financial liability on a contaminated site is dependent on the environmental decisions, like site specific target values for contaminants. Therefore, our Environmental Risk Evaluation, RBCA evaluation and Liability Management services are of crucial importance for the site owner in controlling project volume and cost. Senior consultants of BGT Hungaria has participated in the work of EU Concerted Actions (CARACAS and CLARINET) for Contaminated Land Management.

BGT Hungaria has initiated an approach in Hungary to set up long term site management programs in managing large-scale contaminated megasites, by establishing risk-based priority ranking and task list. This service is called the program of a Road Map to Environmental Compliance. It was successfully introduced at large Hungarian petrochemical megasites, with authority acceptance. BGT Hungaria is one of the most experienced companies in complex Contaminated Land Management Services in Hungary.

List of services

Below we give a summary of the typical services of BGT Hungaria to cover the needs of industrial companies in the field of environmental consulting.


  • Phase I. Audits according to International and National standards
  • Impact Assessments related to setting up new facilities and plants


  • Historical Site Review
  • Hydrogeological Investigation,
  • Soil, Soil Gas, and Groundwater Investigation
  • Numerical hydraulic and contaminant transport modeling
  • Delineation of Subsurface Contamination
  • Chemical Analysis
  • GIS coupled database structures
  • Reporting, CAD and 3D Interpretation of the results


  • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) Planning
  • Formulating site specific Road Map programs to achieve environmental compliance
  • Regulatory negotiations and permitting


  • Remediation Action Plan, permitting
  • Technology Screening and Pilot Test Design
  • Design and implementation of In-Situ pilot tests, upgrade to full scale          
  • Supervision, long-term Monitoring



Budapest Office

Bartók Béla út 152/H.
1113 Budapest

Phone: +36 1 204 1961
Fax: +36 1 204 1988

Contact Persons

Dr. Ferenc Gondi, operations manager
e-mail: gondi@bgt.hu

Szabolcs Halmóczki
e-mail: halmoczki@bgt.hu

Debrecen Office

Bem tér 18/c.
4026 Debrecen

Phone: +36 52 784 243

Contact Person

Béla Finta
e-mail: finta@bgt.hu